certified nursing assistant, caregiver, computer technican, and web designer

Computer Geek Seeks Tech Job

Computer geek is one of the titles that I proudly hold. Yet, I wear many other hats in my life also. It all started about 1990, around the time of discovery of the Internet, and from getting out of the military almost 10 years before.

computer geek

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My youth was pretty traumatic, but I assure you that I am doing fine and do not want to recall the past anymore.

I started tinkering with computers in the early 1990s and trying to figure out how the windows programs and hardware worked.

About 1998, I was already becoming a computer geek and learned to format a hard drive but within a few years, flashed my first BIOS. I got my first cable modem in about 2000. Goodbye AOL!

Computer Geek in Training

It wasn’t until 2003, when I took a personal computer repair correspondence course and did remarkably well. I got an overall score for the course of about 97%. It was a self-teaching way of learning.

When I got my diploma, the educational institution from which I received it, sent me books and information about how to get Computing Technology Industry Association, CompTIA, A+ certification.

I earned the A+ in 2004 and later that year also got the Network+ certification. I started doing some work for family and some referrals from family. I was officially a computer geek but did not make that much money.

I started looking at other options in 2006, and that was the year I started back to college after several attempts right after high school and in the early 1990s.

Back then, I bombed my grades at the four-year college, I went to before, after graduating with an overall 4.0 GPA at a two-year college I never attended before in 2009 with an Associate of Applied Science degree.

I had to swipe the slate clean by getting academic clemency, which means I would never graduate with honors from the four-year college. At, least I ended up with a B average or with over an overall 3.0 GP.

Thus, I was okay with that and graduated from there in 2014 when I was over the age of 50. During these later college years, I learned more about web design and development along with some programming.

Computer Geek Delves Into New Fields

Just recently, I became a certified nursing assistant and geriatric caregiver, but I still claim to be a computer geek.

The job market is nil where I am at right now, but my wife and I are settled in a small town and don’t want to move.

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