Arkadelphia Arkansas IT Support Technician


The web is expanding at a phenomenal rate with the newest technologies and Paul Wylie is a website designer, who provides web technology trends 2015. Thus, we remain currently educated with current trends and styles. Attributed to the fact that I have a balanced brain personality, it helps to make decisions based on both scientific and artistic viewpoints. Aesthetics and symmetry are very important in the decision of creating a website.

It, too, helps that the visual experience is backed by some knowledge of underlying markup and scripting code. There are just too many people that claim to be web designers, who do not know anything about hypertext markup language or HTML. In today’s world, knowing mobile design and development is a must, also, of which I was trained and skilled for implementing as such.

Along with web skills, I have the certification and comprehension for computer and network repair. Thus, as a younger man and child, I enjoyed sketching and had a keen interest in art. It was this curiosity that set me apart when becoming a plausibly-based web programmer later in life. The encoding did not stick with me that much, but I can and will brush up on it if necessary for future endeavors.

The hardware and software skills retention is of value for making certain important decisions of how to move forward with a project. Working in any kind of information technology field requires some sense of business and marketing. Even though having an awesome website built, it will not have much of a chance without things such as naming conventions, keywords, and all important search engine optimization elements for getting viewers and traffic.

With Paul Wylie, there is a combination of good qualities in respect to business, art, logic, and overall sense of integrity, which is reflected in his personal life. I will do my best to provide you with the best work for the least expense.