Arkansas computer, network technician and web designer


What I do for you?

I build and repair computers, networks, as well as websites for you.

Where can this be done?

Computers and networks are built and repaired for you within the southwestern portion of Arkansas, (see graphic below) which borders Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. Websites can be built, designed, and repaired for anywhere in the world.

How much does it cost?

After you contact me, I will troubleshoot your computer and/or network first then give you a free estimate either from your home, place of business, and/or by phone after taking back to my shop before any work is done. Websites will have to be done mainly through Skype, email and possibly meeting you in person if the need arises.

Why would you want to use my services?

Because I give reasonable prices for my work, and I enjoy every aspect of computer, network repair and web design.

Who am I?

I am an older man, born in Little Rock, Arkansas, who is educated, trained, and skilled in many facets of information technology.

(870) 260-5576

Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71923 (Google Map Below)

My computer and network repair service area


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Some tools and settings I use in my work

taskmanager  msconfig

component-services dreanweaver

serif photoshop

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